Good Therapy

Founded in 2007 by Noah Rubinstein, a licensed marriage and family therapist, Good Therapy is an exclusive directory of psychotherapists and counselors from more than 25 countries who have been carefully screened to ensure that they meet strict educational, licensure, and philosophical standards. These standards are among the highest of any therapist listing on the Internet, but that’s not all that ranks Good Therapy among the most trusted online resources.


Aside from connecting people seeking therapy to skilled and compassionate providers near them—providers who support Good Therapy’s mission and vision and pledge to accord to its Elements of Good Therapy—Good Therapy strives to combat the destructive forces of stigma that hold people back from seeking help.


Across Good Therapy, you can find helpful resources and information about mental health and therapy such as articles about health and wellness, myths and fears surrounding therapy, or an exhaustive list of possible warning signs of questionable therapy. Through PsychPedia, Good Therapy defines common psychology terms—from issues commonly treated in therapy to broader concepts—to make them more accessible and relatable. Good Therapy aims to arm site visitors with the information they need to make informed choices about their psychotherapy pursuits. You can search Good Therapy for a therapist near you.


Therapists and counselors who are members of Good Therapy benefit from new client referrals that being associated with healthy, collaborative, and ethical therapy practices brings. More than 1.5 million searches for therapists are received monthly by the Good Therapy Network, which reaches an estimated 7 million people each month through partner and advertising avenues. Additionally, members can access dozens of live continuing education events annually, along with more than 200 archived CE events. These convenient web conference events help practitioners stay compliant with industry requirements and are available at no additional cost to members. Good Therapy also provides publication opportunities through The Good Therapy Blog, the popular Dear Good Therapy column, the Topic Expert contributor program, as well as access to media inquiries. If you are a therapist, you can apply to become a member of Good Therapy to receive the many benefits of membership.


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